Coldness, idea's and TV

Posted In Life, by Stevie - 10 years 10 months ago
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Currently MSN Messenger is broken sad.gif and i really wanted to talk to someone but i cant sad.gif. So i will write something on here, or type at least.

It's really cold today i woke up about 11am and it was so so cold cold.gifcold.gif. I hate mornings where you wake up and look out your window and you cant see out because of the condensation on the window due to the difference on temperature (there you go some science on a sunday tongue.gif).
I was thinking about this the other day actually on car's they have heated rear windscreens and some have heated front ones as well, like mine biggrin.gif, which is cool. Anyway why cant they do the same on normal windows to stop them getting misted up ???. Maybe its just another one of my random ideas rolleyes3.gif.

My mum has been saying how good Desperate Housewives is, now i haven't seen it but i assumed it was rubbish but then someone else said i should watch it because it's funny. They had the first 3 on channel 4 last night so i taped them because i was watching the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Red Heat on the other side guns.gif biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

So i will watch Desperate Housewives and let you know if i think its good or crap tongue.gif.