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Posted In iPhone - Reviews, by Stevie - 3 years 9 months ago
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ImageTime to look at a brand new iPhone app that has certainly made a name for itself already and it was only released last Wednesday (15th February 2012).

I'm going to be looking at Clear for iPhone. Clear is a really simple app for creating lists in a revolutionary way, there are no buttons in the app all actions are performed by gestures.

Clear is designed to be as simple as possible, you can use it to create shopping lists, things you need for your next holiday, blogs you need to write or anything you want to remember. It uses heatmap based themes, so the darkest item in the list is the most important.

The gesture based usability make it a breeze to create new lists on items. In list view simply pull down to create a new list, and then do the same to create a new item within a list. This can also be done by using pinch open to create a list or item between 2 others. Pinch closed to go back to all your lists. Tap to edit an item then you can swipe left to delete the text or swipe right to replace the text (undo).

Swipe right to complete an item in the list or swipe left to delete it. It's as simple as that, the best way to learn the gestures is just to explore the app and try different ones.

Clear features a number of built in themes, along with some hidden themes too. For example if you have Tweetbot for iPhone installed you will get access to a Tweetbot theme.

Clear is designed to be simple, and some people are clearly (no pun intended) not understanding that. There are no due dates/times, no alerts, no notes, nothing, it's meant to be a pure and simple list app. Once you realise that you will realise it's brilliant.

I personally don't think it will ever get anymore of the advanced "todo" features as it would ruin the idea of the app as a whole. However this is it's first release so who knows whats around the corner.

Clear for iPhone is available now on the iTunes App Store for 69p. Though it's only for a limited period of time. Personally i don't think this app is worth more than 69p as its features are limited, being pretty shouldn't be stupid prices. I would be shocked if the price ever goes up. But just incase, get it now!


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