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ImageThe popular cashback website Quidco launched their Free iPhone App today. For anyone not familiar with Quidco, simply visit a retailer via the Quidco website, make a purchase and Quidco will pay you a certain amount of cash back! It's simple and works great! I have earned almost 100 in the last year alone.

Quidco is also available in certain high street stores, simply register your credit card and next time you shop in participating shops you get money back.

Today Quidco launched their free iPhone App which allows you to earn cashback directly from your phone.

The Quidco app will help you save and earn with:

1. Check in cashback
Visit a store, check in and get cashback through your Quidco account. Some retailers may offer personalised deals or exclusive discounts.

Example deals:
- Get 10p for visiting New Look
- Get 25p cashback for visiting Carphone Warehouse
- Get 20p cashback for visiting Halfords

2. In store cashback
Register your credit or debit card and find stores on the app offering in-store cashback. Use that card to pay on the high street and you'll see a percentage of what you've spent paid back into your Quidco account.

Example deals:
- Get paid 2% cashback from Debenhams
- Get paid 4.5% cashback from Halfords

3. Voucher codes and offers
Redeem voucher codes and offers in store by presenting the code or bar code displayed on the screen.

Example deals:
- 2 for 1 on main meals at Pizza Express
- 2 meals for 12 at Prezzo

4. Online cashback
Use the Quidco app to visit your favourite online stores. Make a purchase, and see a percentage of what you've spent paid back into your Quidco account.

Example deals:
-Save up to 10% at Expedia
-Save up to 10% at Best Buy

It's that simple! You can earn money buy just walking into a store and checking in just like Foursquare how cool is that?

The app will find you the nearest deals based on your current location, you can view by distance, map, A-Z or by category. A search feature is also available.

You can also access your Quidco account and view checkin's, recent activity and cash back earned etc!

If you don't have a Quidco account you should sign up now for FREE and start earning cash back, and if you have an iPhone then download the FREE Quidco App!


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