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(00:18) Stevie: *hugd*
(00:18) {{[MARMALADE lov: piss off stevie
(00:18) Stevie: huh
(00:18) Stevie: what have i done?
(00:19) {{[MARMALADE lov: jus piss off
(00:19) {{[MARMALADE lov: ur annoyin me nw
(00:19) Stevie: why dont you?
(00:19) Stevie: how dare u treat me like that i havent done anything
(00:19) Stevie: ur just a moody bitch
(00:19) Stevie: get over it
(00:20) {{[MARMALADE lov: yeh am a moody bitch, yeh,, am that moody bitch that has thought so much about endin her moody bitchin fucking life
(00:20) Stevie: well u shouldnt get moody with friends
(00:20) Stevie: especially for no reason
(00:20) Stevie: and i have no time for ppl like that
(00:21) {{[MARMALADE lov: wel in that case i have no time for people like YOU!!!!
(00:21) Stevie: good
(00:21) {{[MARMALADE lov: yeh good, now fuck off!!
(00:21) Stevie: you can fuck off urself
(00:22) Stevie: ur the one with the problem
(00:22) {{[MARMALADE lov: fine bye
(00:22) {{[MARMALADE lov: yeh i am the one with the prooblem
(00:22) {{[MARMALADE lov: and i deal with that in my own way
(00:22) {{[MARMALADE lov: so fuck u
(00:22) {{[MARMALADE loves her SLAGG!!]}} [[biggrin.gifMARMALADE and SLAGG off to Cyprus in Octoberbiggrin.gif]] is now Offline

Session Start: 20 August 2007
Stevie - My MSN is officially an EMO free zone - If you are emo please leave via the nearest ext or my foot kicking ur ass
{{[MARMALADE loves her SLAGG!!]}} [[biggrin.gifMARMALADE and SLAGG off to Cyprus in Octoberbiggrin.gif]]
(01:08) {{[MARMALADE lov: that trying to be a dig at me?
(01:09) {{[MARMALADE lov: get it right, i'm not an emo, i am myself, sort urself out u fucking ugly tosser!!!
(01:10) Stevie - My MSN: oh i thought u had fucked off
(01:10) Stevie - My MSN: damn
(01:10) {{[MARMALADE lov: no
(01:10) {{[MARMALADE lov: i'm not an emo lovey
(01:10) Stevie - My MSN: its alright im telling on my frirnds about this
(01:11) Stevie - My MSN: they agree im right
(01:11) {{[MARMALADE lov: i dont care to be honest,
(01:11) {{[MARMALADE lov: i aint emo, i am myself,
(01:11) Stevie - My MSN: neither do ik
(01:11) Stevie - My MSN: so fuck off?
(01:11) {{[MARMALADE lov: no
(01:11) {{[MARMALADE lov: wot u guna do
(01:11) {{[MARMALADE lov: chase me??
(01:11) Stevie - My MSN: nah ur not woth it
(01:12) {{[MARMALADE lov: no cos u cant