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This app is really straight forward and should only take a few seconds to review but I'll try and make it a little bit longer.

TuneIn Radio lets you listen to pretty much any radio station that has an Internet stream, on your iPhone. This includes stations like Radio 1, Capital FM, Kiss, and a load of others. It will stream radio over a WiFi or 3G connection although on 3G it will use up quite a bit of data pretty quick. So remember most phone companies are removing their "unlimited" Internet plans. So bare that in mind when your out and about.

It works with, http://radiotime.com/, 99% of the stations listed on their website are available on the iPhone.


You can easily search or browse for the show or station you are after, it also gives you the station schedule, links to their website, podcasts and other information. Podcasts will also play directly within the app which is a nice feature.

One amazing feature is the ability to pause a live broadcast, for up to 90 minutes, just like you can on Sky+, then you can pickup exactly from where you left off. It also allows you to rewind back through what you have already listened to. This feature also works if you get a phone call, it will pause the radio, you can answer the call, then resume listening once your call is over. Neat huh?

Another great feature is, for the BBC stations it integrates directly with BBC iPlayer so you can listen to the last 7 days worth of shows.


And Finally

With the release of the new iPhone iOS4 software music can now work in the background, which means you can listen to this app all day and use your phone as normal with no interruptions, other than phone calls of course.

It also includes things like a sleep timer, clock display, links to twitter and more.

It's available for 1.79 which is a bargain considering all the stations you get.

Its avaialbe on the app store now

Before you ask, yes i do love Chris Moyles, he is a legend!


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