A new kinda blog

Posted In Rants n Raves, by Stevie - 5 years 8 months ago
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When i first started this blog, it was just a place for me to say whatever i want, and most of that was just related to what was going on in my life etc. This probably didn't appeal to most people as it's got nothing todo with them really. So perhaps a lot of people came here and left just as quickly.

Over the past 18months i haven't really blogged that much, leaving months in between each individual post. I'm now back with an all new passion for blogging, it feels good to be doing it again, that said most of what i say still won't interest most people.

So I'm going to start to blog about broader subjects that should appeal to more people. This will include things like Apple, The iPhone, graphic and web design etc.

I will still keep up with the personal blog side of things, and for now this will still be a personal site with the extra additions. I'm not saying it will stay that way but keeping things together, at least for now will make it easier to manage. But depending on how well i get on i may separate it.

I can see myself being branded an apple fanboy when this gets going, i prmoise im not wink.gif rolleyes3.gif