Welsh Girls Part 1

Posted In Wales, by Stevie - 7 years 6 months ago
ImageI may as well say this in the first sentence, as many of you may know, i have a thing for Welsh girls, it's probably bad for me to admit that on an English blog but oh well rolleyes3.gif.

Now a lot of you are probably thinking WHY?!?!?! why would you like Welsh girls, its Wales! are you mad! The answer to that question is probably though some people may have different answers to that rolleyes3.gif.

It all started back when i was 17 and i was on a website playing pool, this girl asked me to play so i accepted, we chatted and played the game for about 20 minutes. Her name was Sara and she was from Wales, this didn't really mean anything to me at the time, she was just someone else to play a game with online. It got to the end of the game and we said good by, however just before we left, i asked her if she had MSN Messenger and if she wanted to keep talking, to which she replied yes. So the conversation moved on to MSN and we chatted for a couple of days getting to know each other. When we were talking i asked her what she looked like, just out of curiosity, and she sent me a picture. She was really really cute, she asked for one in return, but back then i was really shy about my looks and wasn't too keen on it. I was so nervous that she would think I'm ugly that i nearly stopped talking to her, however she convinced me to send her one so i did. Fortunately her reply was a cute one and she made me smile by saying i was cute. biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

This was the start to a very good friendship and to think i came so close to not talking to her and just forgetting that i had met her. I'm glad i didn't. Neither of us had jobs at the time, so we used to spend all day talking online and often all night rolleyes3.gif. We used to draw and play games on Yahoo messenger, some of which i have kept to this very day. She might kill me for showing them because they are a bit silly but oh well tongue.gif

Image Image

I still think they are cute now, i will try and get her to do some updated ones.

So out friendship kept getting better and better, we used to chat pretty much everyday, we then started to watch each other on web cams, this however led to more sillyness. Sara always used to make me laugh and as people will know when i laugh i laugh a lot, so this turned into a game to see how quick could make each other laugh, i always lost though sad.gif but when i started to laugh she would too. This still happens over 5 years later, if we see each other on cam we will laugh at some point. rolleyes3.gif Somethings never change. Anyway back to the story, eventually we swapped numbers and started to text each other so we were talking even more often! this of course led to phone calls which we were both nervous about to begin with, but after the first couple of minutes we were fine. Sara was the first Welsh girl i had ever really spoke to so i didn't really know how she would sound. It turns out she sounds lush, and the way she pronounces some words is so cute and still is. Weirdly however she also liked my voice and still does and she also comments on the way i say certain words "girls" is a popular one among others i can't think of right now.

Friendships however do have there ups and downs, and i don't want to talk about this to much i just want to remember the good times smile1.gif. We did have our ups and downs, we actually stopped talking for 18 months, which i don't want to go into. It felt different not having her to talk to and i missed her everyday and i didn't think i would ever get to talk to her again. However 8 months ago, to my surprise she added me to MSN again, she had remembered my email which i thought was really sweet. Now shes back its like we have never been apart and its exactly like it was before we are getting on really well. smile1.gif

There is however one downside to Sara, she doesn't actually speak welsh, well only a really tiny bit. This made no difference to me 5 years ago and this is how my Welsh story progress's.

I can't remember everything but i will fill in some gaps. After Sara left, I met another Welsh girl called Kelly, i was quite excited as i had known Sara and i knew they were nice people. Me and Kelly chatted online a lot and we got on really well. The great thing about Kelly is that she can speak welsh, or as i like to call her now a "pro Welshly", she went to a Welsh school did Welsh A levels and is now studying at a Welsh Uni. She used to say little bits of Welsh to me, such as Bore Da (Good Morning), Shwmae (how are you?). This compelled me to start learning Welsh a little, and she was only to happy to help which was great.

Shortly after i met Kelly she introduced me to her best friend Lianna, who was from Wales but unfortunately didn't speak it but she was lovely all the same. Now these to were practically joined at the hip, they were always together, now there's another story here but I'm not going into it tongue.gifrolleyes3.gif if you ask me i may tell you. Talking to Kelly and Lianna was really good and their both really nice girls. Kelly was also teaching Lianna to speak Welsh, she had managed to teach her the longest place name in the world, which is, "llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch" yep its a real place. So i set myself a goal to learn this word as well and needless to say I'm still trying, my tongue can't do "ll" etc. But i won't give up!

After talking for a while we started to text and i would get little welsh messages to help me learn etc which was nice, me and Kelly took longer to speak though, when we first got to that stage the first few phone calls were between me and Lianna because Kelly was too shy to talk, Lianna eventually convinced her and she was fine. She also sounds really lush and having the ability to switch to Welsh whenever she wanted was just totally amazing. We would call each other fairly often and talk about completely random things, like spiders, and rubber ducks. It became second nature to talk to each other.
Me and Lianna would also talk especially if they were together but it was nowhere near as much as me and Kelly. Kelly also said words in a cute fashion, the best one being "shower" which she pronounced "showar" which was lush lol smile1.gif

Kelly also sent me a Birthday present last year, which was really really nice of her. smile1.gif

Last September however she went off to uni and we started talking a lot less, the occasional email etc. I'm happy to say we are still in contact and she is always there to help me with welsh if i need it. She translated an entire song for me yesterday which was amazing biggrin.gif.

I met random Welsh people throughout the last few years, none of them really stuck though. The next biggest Welsh influence on my life is Sarah, who is completely different to Sara and Kelly which isn't a bad thing smile1.gif

Sarah also fits into the "pro Welshy" category however not in the same league as Kelly but following very close behind. Shes also very good at teaching me smile1.gif. Sarah is much more random than Sara or Kelly, and that explains our friendship basically. We only talk online as she doesn't like talking on the phone at all.
We go through periods of talking and not talking, and the gaps can be a while at times. When we talk we really do talk and it can be about anything, especially if she is in a slightly "emo" mood. The fact that shes a little unpredictable makes her a good friend and also a funny one. She can be hyper and very talkative or quiet and boring. She has her own way of talking. Sometimes everything she says ends with "Plz", and she uses are ohi, ohnoez, orly, yarly etc. This has worn off on me slighty and i do find myself typing like it at times.

Sarah will teach me Welsh whenever I'm in the mood to learn anything. She is the most active Welshy in teaching me new words and phrases etc.

She likes to think that shes "my Queen" and i have to admit that she probably is as i worship her everyday rolleyes3.gif shes just so amazing tongue.gif and this is the reason i really like Sarah, she can make me smile no matter what, and the way she talks is just so cute and funny at times.

She won't like me saying this but for now i have run out of things to say, but no doubt i will think of more things to say about her soon and if i don't she will tongue.gif

The final person i must mention in this blog else it will not be complete is Gemma. I can't remember when i met Gemma or how, which is bad i know but maybe she remembers. Even though i don't remember i have known her a long time.
Me and Gemma don't talk all that often mainly because we are never around at the same time, so we usually talk by email. Gemma is also a "pro Welshy" but she only speaks Welsh when she is in the mood which may contradict my previous statement, if she was really "pro Welsh" then surely she would speak it all the time. Maybe she's just never in the mood to teach me anything. Having said that whenever i ask she usually helps, and very rarely she will teaching me Welsh without me asking but that also depends on her mood.

All in all Welsh girls are great and it's all thanks to Sara that the fascination started smile1.gif Diolch